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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Broken Heart is not the End of the World

Mata o ai shite mo anzen! glad to be meeting you guys again. why? because it's been so long since i last updated my blog. kinda sad actually. when i have something interesting to tell, the desire to type on my notebook didn't come as well as that 'something'. it's always nothing. and vice versa. anyway, today i would like to write about love. Yes, love. You might think this is a girl lovey dovey problem matters. well, you think right. but wait! this is not where all the mushy stuff they put in post to show how much are they in love to others. NO! NO! NO! ever!

This is ordinary love. or i should say myself mature love. what is mature love? do you know what it is? if you know do mail me for i don't know the answer. that is why i'm asking you. gotcha! okay. back to the topic. back to the time when we are all very small children. when our parents paired us up with some other boy/girl. we don't feel anything. because why? if your answers is because we're still small kids and didn't understand what is attraction towards opposite sex means, you're right. being a kid is easy. because you just have to cry to get something that you want, if didn't get straight A's in your report card your parents won't punish you. they will say "try harder next time, okay dear?" and they took you to buy some ice cream or maybe a new toy so you will stop crying. i mean, how hard it is to be a kid?

So yeah. being a kid is easy. try being a teenager. i personally think that being a teenager is the most difficult stage in ones life. in this stage of life, a teenager would try to find an identity to live their life. to survive in this world where reality doesn't sound very convincing. this is where even the most brutal girl you've ever met would experience this. that is falling in love on someone. this what so you can call as a natural phenomena that is inevitable. how can you avoid from falling in love? well, you can't. whether how much you restraint yourself from doing it, it's just going to happen. whether you willing it or not. LOVE DOESN'T CARE. don't blame me. blame the cupid. he's the one pointing the arrows all around as he pleasure. sometimes we love them, sometimes we just don't. from my point of view, i don't really believed in cupid. it's just a lame excuse for people who need something to blame when things go wrong. when they doesn't want to take and face the blame bravely. well, that's just my point of view. different people different opinion.

so what if you fall in love and things go wrong. experience in life makes a better person in future. so what if you have a crush but he/she doesn't even really care. face the fact. you're in love. you just can't lie to yourself. tell him/her that you love them. if luck's on your side, well have a happy relationship. but what if luck is not on your side? yes. this the biggest fear everyone have in their lives when it comes to love. fear of a broken heart. fear when your love doesn't mean anything to the other person. I have experienced such thing and yeah, i survived. yes, the pain of being left heart broken is a pain that no medicine can cure. but like i said, i survived. and i even fell in love with my best friend. after several years keeping this feeling from him, i finally have the guts to tell him. and he said, nothing. nothing at all. only two months later he started talking to me. he's also found a new best friend. imagine, after all these years we've become friends and only a sentence with three words can change everything in a single second. what would you think would make me feel? misery? yes. regret? yes. pain? triple yes. but i also felt some sort of burden has been lifted from my shoulder. relieved? yes. happy? yes. so when you suffer from the pain of being heart broken take time for yourself. strong is the key. patience is the element. yes. time would heal the wound. love will come again. love will definitely come again. that is one of the pros of love. it keeps coming back. so don't worry if your first attempt in love is not how you wanted it to be. don't blame yourself. things like this do happen in real life. time is our friend. remember, patience is the key.

wow, i have never written such post like this. I couldn’t believed that i can write one like this too. but, hope you like it. leave your comments and tell me what do you think about this post or if you just have something to say. for now, out peeps!


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