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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Adults too Need to be Praised.

Since I was born, i had a wish. everyone had their own wishes. since birth, everyone have their pros and cons in their selves. when we are still small children, we were given words of encouragement and praise from taking the first step until the day you know your ABC's. but, from time to time, as we grow older, that words of encouragement had been later changed into words of cursing and scolding. why did these things happened? because parents think children don't need encouragement as they grow older.

Adults too like to be praised. i mean like come on, who would ever scold you if you praise them? in every human being, there is always the "angel side" and the "devil side'. if parents are always scolding their children in a manner that can effect a child environment, there is no doubt that that child would probably get use to the unhealthy environment. scolding would probably make the "devil side" more awake from the "angel side" of a person. but, if parents turn the scolding up side down into encouragements and praises, I can definitely sure that the "angel side" is more lively than the other.

All you need to do is find the "key". the key is not an object where you have to find it all around. the key is in you. what it meant was you just have to look on the "angel side" of the person no matter haw bad they are. other people always look for something bad in every person the know, but do they care about the quality a person have in their self? i don't really think so. because no one is perfect, and nobody is no one. well, if there is a person who is a no one, i'm sure he or she will be a some kind of a famous star or something.

so people, WAKE UP! find the key now.  look someone from the perspective that no other human does. look someone on their qualities and not for their disadvantages. you'll be surprise how great a person can be. all i can say is " hey, praise someone today and help them to live their potentials today!''. out for now peeps!

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